Exclusive: Rising Star Ty’Ahna Maray Talks Her New EP “Patience,” Finding Her R&B Lane, Attending THREE High Schools & More!

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19-year-old singer/songwriter/dancer/entrepreneur Ty’Ahna Maray is ready for her moment after years of artistic development where she evolved into R&B‘s brightest young star while living in four diverse cities with her power moving and shaking... read more

Jake Paul Wants To Use His Influence To Create A Better Future For YOU

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Jake Paul recently launched his latest endeavor, the Freedom Financial Movement and is hoping to change the standard way of thinking when it comes to college education. We caught up with Paul and the 23-year-old gave us some inside info on how he... read more

We're Taking the Day Off...

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Listen, children, Your Mama's taking a mental health day to catch up, pay some bills, take care of some pressing issues and otherwise get our damn head together. Stay tuned. It won't be long... read more